Bow Fishing


Bow fishing is something that not many captains are willing to try.  However, it offers a great time for those with the  love of bow hunting but also enjoy the water.  We hunt the Cownose Ray that is a member of the Eagle Ray family and is known to be a large problem in the bay.  These Ray’s grow quickly and wreak havoc on the crab and oyster population as well as destroy grass beds in local waters of the bay.

 These trips are for up to 4 anglers.  We fish from a 19′ center console that is full equipped with all the gear and tackle needed for this type of fishing.  

We generally leave the dock shortly after sunrise and cruise the flats looking for the rays.  We shoot them with bows then either tie a jug to the arrow or a fishing rod so we can retrieve the arrow and ray.  This is usually a good fight for someone on board to enjoy. 

This is a good way for the avid hunter to prolong their season and help tune their bow skills.  Trips for the rays begin June 1 and run through the summer. 

Feel free to contact me by phone or e-mail for any further questions you might have regarding this kind of fishing.






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